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Freebie Friday

What time is it? Time for a freebie, buttercup!

I chose this cut file to give away today because I’m kind of obsessed with this font right now. A lot of people ask me what my style is for design. That’s a great question! However, it’s one I don’t have an answer to. When I design I start with a font. I’ll type out some words and see how each letter looks, and from there I get inspired on what to create.

Is this the “wrong” way? I have no idea. I’m not a formally trained designer. Although, I am formally trained in criminal justice administration, which has absolutely no use to me now. I am reminded of this every month when it comes time to pay the student loan bill. Welp.

However, I did (and still do on a limited basis) run a web and graphic design biz. I started doing that as a side hustle when my kiddos were little and I wanted some extra income so I could stay home with them. I learned a lot from my big sister Lisa Sonora and the rest I taught myself.

So, then what is my style? I guess it all starts with the font. 😊

Also, I like anything that will look good on a farmhouse style sign, which is the decor of my house. Who doesn’t, am I right?

Download, enjoy, and craft away my lovelies!

P.S. I hope you like the font as much as I do.

Jennifer Mitchell

Jennifer Mitchell

Etsy Shop Owner / Serial Entrepreneur / #MomBoss

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